How to Effectively Email Companies

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How would you respond if this email arrived addressed to YOU and the CEO?

Its more important to do it than to do it perfectly.


  2. ADD THE COMPANY NAME IN THE SUBJECT The subject may be ALL that will be read.
  3. COPY THE EMAILS FROM THE COMPANY YOU CHOSE TO THE BCC WINDOW (in the email field, click 3 times to select all the emails)
  4. ADD ONE COMPANY EMAIL ADDRESS TO THE TO WINDOW of the email addresses. We suggest choosing the first name for the To address as it is usually the CEO (if we found it).
  5. SEND

The subject may be ALL that will be read.

Ideas to add to all email templates.

STOP DOING BUSINESS IN RUSSIA: Just let them know you do not approve of their doing business in Russia. We ask them if they would also have done business with Nazi Germany, but you can find your own way of expressing your disapproval.

MENTION THEIR GRADE ON THE LIST: Mention that the company received an F or D grade at the famous Yale University CELI Research Institute site:

YOU COULD MENTION THE BENEFITS TO THE COMPANY: There is an important Washington Post (April 26, 2022) article that talks about the financial benefits of leaving Russia. You can add the link to the article to your email if you like but then the company will see where all the emails came from. Article on the financial benefits of leaving Russia. You can copy this link into your email. If you attach the PDF file to an email, it can cause issues and many people delete emails with attachments for security reasons. You can also mention that you will reward that company with your patronage if they left the country. 

REQUEST FOR ACTION: Make a clear and unequivocal request “Stop doing business in Russia ….like most responsible companies are doing.” Or you could say, “Halt business activity and leave Russia.” You can also let them know that we will be following their actions closely.

PERSONALIZE?: You have to decide if you want to send a similar email to many companies or send more personalized, more time consuming emails to a few companies. There is some debate as to which would be more effective. Some people go into depth researching the company and their competitors and then explain to the decision makers in specific terms why they need to leave Russia. It is up to you. We think just a quick email to many companies is better. There are MORE companies being added every day. You could also consider mentioning that you will no longer use their products or services and will instead choose their competitors. If you google the name of the company and word “competitor” you will find a list of alternative companies.

CREATING YOUR ACTUAL EMAIL: You don’t have to create individual emails. We recommend blind copying all of the email addresses into ONE email. If this process does not make sense, then watch a YouTube video for more clarity on BCC:

SEE OUR TEMPLATES FOR IDEAS: The links are at the bottom of this page. There is also an article about an important financial incentive to leave Russia.

HELP CLEAN THE LIST: After you have sent your email, you may receive some responses that email addresses are no longer valid. Let us know so we can remove them from the list. Email to

PROTECT YOURSELF: You would be smart to get a new, free email account before you start emailing people. They might put your email on a spam list. You can get a new Gmail email address at and click Create Account.



Examples of outgoing emails are at the bottom of this page.

What do you reply when the company says it is NOT doing business in Russia? Click above for more.

What to do when you get a reply in a foreign language? Google the word “translate” then copy the text into the window and Google will change it to any language you like.

Please submit your TEMPLATE email ideas to help everyone improve. These would need to be Generic and not specific to ONE company.