More Letter Tips

Any message should contain:

1 – unambiguous and specific request [ Withdraw from Russia until Putin ends his war and suspend business and investment.  If possible divert your investment to support Ukraine]

2 – Ask questions that require them to solve a business problem.  [How do you live up to our brand and mission and remain doing ‘business as usual’ in Putin’s Russia?  How might this taint their brand for years to come?  Describe what actions you are taking to be more in alignment with your mission and participation of a modern world economy….)

3 – Commit to condemning AND praising them equally to their competitors and customers until you see action and let them know that your commitment will be “for Life” now that you have researched them in depth.

4 – Ask for them to contact you directly.

5 – Let them know who you are and how you are sharing about them with your social and other networks to support them in making the right choice.

Lead with admiration for their vision/mission/industrial leadership and (as much as possible) a sincere desire to support them in “doing the very obvious right thing.”