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help ukranians

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Dear Sirs,

I have been reviewing your website, company history, market focus and mission.  On the surface you present yourselves as an excellent, modern, brand focused, environmentally friendly firm dedicated to long term success.  Your website is up to date and you are involved in multiple projects aimed at the future.

I find it shocking that I should need to inform you that there is a war of invasion going on presently by Putin’s army on the sovereign nation of Ukraine.  I literally could not find any reference to this present day reality that is occupying the minds of most of the citizens of Europe and modern economies and much of the rest of the world.   It is almost impossible to avoid the conclusion that you are hiding your head in the sand and hoping no one notices that you are continuing to do “business as usual” with Russia.  I imagine you might see a short term financial advantage in remaining in markets that other companies are abandoning ‘en masse’.  You are now on such a short list of “F rated” companies that are taking this approach you are entering into public focus.  Moreover your technologies are rather directly related to keeping Russia’s economy (and thus it’s genocidal war machine) operating at peak efficiency. 

Please divest of your interests in Russia and Belarus now.