Template 4 Reply when they say they are NOT in Russia

help ukranians

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The person responding may not KNOW all the ins and outs of the company and its subsidiaries. It doesn’t really matter. You just get out of the loop and have them deal with the people who are creating the list: the researchers at Yale University.

That is beautiful that you are not doing business in Russia.

We need to get you off the F LIST so your company’s reputation is not damaged permanently. The very qualified researchers a the prestigious Yale University have determined that your company qualifies to be on the Shame List. If they have bad information, then I would contact them as soon as possible.

The Yale University Team: We have a team of experts with backgrounds in financial analysis, economics, accounting, strategy, governance, geopolitics, and Eurasian affairs with collective fluency in ten languages including Russian, Ukrainian, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Hindi, Polish and English, compiling this unique dataset using both public sources such as government regulatory filings, tax documents, company statements, financial analyst reports, Bloomberg, FactSet, MSCI, S&P Capital IQ, Thomson Reuters and business media from 166 countries; as well as non-public sources, including a global wiki-style network of 250+ company insiders, whistleblowers and executive contacts. 

They could need to have their information updated.


Please contact them directly to clear up this unfortunate situation.